Inspiration for the Song "This Just In" 

My greatest musical influence is Jacob Collier, and I knew I wanted to write something inspired by his musical style. Though I had been listening to him for a long time, the inspiration came in a Twitter post where he showed one of his favorite guitar tunings, DAEGAD (the notes each string is tuned to). I tuned my acoustic guitar to that tuning and started playing around. After a bit of noodling, I came up with the main guitar part. Then I started to come up with the other sections of the song, and finally the melody, which was pretty difficult to do because of the song’s odd meter (5/4).  

I recorded this entire song in my basement minus the lead vocals. The instruments I used primarily were my great-grandmother’s Gibson acoustic guitar, and my grandfather’s mandolin, which gives the song not only an intimate “homey” sound but also a great deal of personal significance because of the family instruments I used.  

I used an experimental lyrical style based off of the odd meter of the song, where the last word or syllable of certain phrases is the first line of the next, even if the two are not part of the same thought.  

For example, the lines “You got what you want, you got my attention enough has been said of you and of him by extension,” where the last syllable of attention is the ‘en’ in enough. The lyrics are inspired by a falling out I had with a long time friend of mine that sparked some tension at school. Some mean comments about me were posted online for many people to see, which made me feel awful. The line “Hide behind your phone as they tear me up inside” was directly related to this incident, as well as the hook, “This just in, I did nothing wrong, but I know you don’t read the news.” The song has some dark themes and lyrics hidden in a beautiful, happy-sounding blend of acoustic instruments, which is a theme that appears several times throughout the album.